Visual Art- Spencer Hodge


My name is Spencer Hodge. I grew up 100 miles down the Mississippi River in Winona, Minnesota. I went south of the Minnesota border to Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, to receive my Bachelor of Arts in studio art with a minor in art education. 

Since moving to the Minneapolis a year ago, I have student taught and substituted for teachers across the Minneapolis Public Schools school district. I am very excited to begin the school year with my very own classroom.

I hope to teach students about the basic concepts and techniques in a variety of drawing, painting, sculpture, and design mediums through a mixture of journaling assignments, day-long activities, and long-form lessons. Lessons will offer students opportunities of choice so that they can use their learned skills toward personally meaningful expressions. 

Outside of teaching, I spend a lot of time biking, exploring local restaurant menus, painting at my home studio, and watching my television shows online.
If you have any questions or comments, please reach me at my email or telephone number!


Spencer Hodge