Meet Ms. Buchanan

8th Grade Special Education Resource



Shirley A. Buchanan

Special Education Emotional Behavior/Disorders


The best way to promote equality for all learners is by letting every student voice be heard. Choice will help students be more invested in their learning and this will lead to self-motivation. These are the foundations to helping students with special needs be successful.


Instructional Material:

Read 180

System 44

Math - ALEKS

Service Learning - Let's Get Growing


HMH - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt:


Read 180 is the leading blended learning intervention program building reading comprehension, academic vocabulary, and writing skills for struggling students in middle school and up


System 44 New Generation is a foundational reading program for the most challenged readers. System 44 is proven to help students master the foundational reading skills required for success with the new standards, college and career through explicit instruction in phonics, comprehension, and writing.



Every student has different needs and enters math with varied levels of preparation. ALEKS pin points what students already know, what they don't and, most importantly, what they're ready to learn next. Students optimize their time on tasks and help students master topics more easily.


Service Learning - Let's Get Growing 

Let's Get Growing introduces 8th graders to the art and science of gardening, and helps them develop leadership and life skills to become good citizens within their communities, schools and families.


I was a former Principal at Green Central for five years.