In this class, we WRITE and SPEAK to SHARE WISDOM, COMPASSION and PERSPECTIVE

About Me:

I am so excited to be teaching reading at Olson Middle School! This is my 14th year as a teacher and my 6th year teaching Middle School ELA. I love teaching middle school students! They are enthusiastic, passionate, incredibly bright and most of all, hilarious! I also love being and English Teacher, because it allows me to empower students to use their strengths as readers and listeners to change the world through their writing and speaking! In this global society, our young people need to know how their brilliance can make and incredible impact! These kids are our future, and the future looks bright!

I live in Richfield with my husband Todd. Our son, Matt and his daughter, Marilyn live with us, and our daughter, Katie lives in St. Paul. When I'm not teaching, I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts, going to church, and doing yoga! I am a certified yoga instructor! I am so fortunate to have a wonderfully rich life!

How We Learn:

I teach with a birds-eye view of the standards which 6th grade students are working towards. The standards in ELA can be thought of as a spiral staircase: We build on ideas, becoming increasingly more complex and challenging throughout the student's entire education.

How We Assess our learning:

I use an 8 point grading rubric in my class for nearly every assignment. We use this rubric when we are first introduced to a concept and continue to go back to the rubric as we move through the year. The challenge with literacy is that most skills are open ended. For example, we never "master" vocabulary acquisition, comprehension of text, or writing creatively. When assess ourselves regularly, we become aware of our own growth, and we become motivated by our sucess.


Education can be compared to anything we work to get better at. Think about a great musician or an amazing athlete, most of the work is done during practice, but we assess the expertise during the big show. Since we are working towards mastery, we need time to practice before we can assess. For that reason, "Practice" assighments are 15% of our grade and Final Assessments are worth 80%. The last 5% of the total grade is participation.  



Proficiency Grading
Proficiency Grading