Lund's Learning Community

This is where we explore and work together as a team to become 'Life Long Learners', reaching for our dreams.


I'm Ms Lund, 7th grade Special Education Resource Teacher, Olson's PantherBots Robotics Coach, Olson's LIfeguard and Swim Instructor.

I believe that learning can be a challenge so I teach through project based learning around a theme...

 >Class Store (Student Operated) ... 2017-2018, this year the students are still working on getting it up and running

>NASA/Rocketry ... 2017-2018, 2018-2019

>Animation ... 2016-2017

>Electronics ... 2016-2017

The themes are selected based on student voice, interests, and learning needs.


Intervention Learning Programs used:

Reading and Writing ... Read 180/System44

Math...ALEKS, XtraMath, Prodigy


Contact Information: