6th Grade Math - MYP Math Year 1
Welcome to 6th Grade Math!




6th Grade Math Teacher 

MYP Math Year 1

Mr. Nathan Kennedy

aka Mr. Nate



Google Voice (cell):

(612) 470-4434


Students and Families:  Message or Chat with Mr. Nate or other school staff using Google Hangouts


Welcome to 6th Grade Math - Quarter 1!

Announcements, Lessons and class activities will be posted on Google Classroom.  

Online Math apps and activities can be accessed through Clever.com


Unit 0: Intro to Online Math Class

Students will learn and practice how to be responsible digital citizens.  In addition, students will review important concepts from 5th Grade Math to prepare for Unit 1.  We will focus multiplying and dividing multi digit numbers, the place value system, and adding/subtracting fractions.  

Unit 1: Number and Operations

Students will develop an understanding of prime factorization and use it to greatest common factor and least common multiple.  In addition, will review properties of arithmetic and order of operations to evaluate numeric expressions involving whole numbers and fractions.  (NOTE: Operations involving fractions in this unit should only include addition and subtraction.)

Unit 2: Rational Numbers

Students will develop meaning for and skills with computations involving fractions.  In addition, students should be able to use number sense, benchmarks, and operation sense to estimate solutions for computational situations, as well as use estimation to decide if exact answers are reasonable.

6th Grade Math Course at a Glance