6th Grade Math - MYP Math Year 1
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6th Grade Math Teacher 

MYP Math Year 1

Mr. Nathan Kennedy






Welcome to 6th Grade Math - Quarter 4

Unit 6:  Probability  - Homework Assignments for Quarter 4

I can use theoretical probability to measure the likelihood of an event happening or not happening.   (

I can make predictions using experimental probability.   (,

I can analyze probability situations to determine sample space and likelihood of related events occurring, and use the analysis to make decisions and predictions.   (,

I can compare results from probability experiments to known theoretical probability.   (,


April 8th - Mid May

Unit 7:  Algebra   

I can locate positive rational numbers on a number line and plot ordered pairs on a coordinate grid.   (

I can identify the variables in a real-world situation and describe their relationship to each other.   (

I can write equations and inequalities with variables to represent real-world situations.   (

I can solve equations with variables in context using number sense and properties of arithmetic and equality.   (

Given a representation of a function, I can move flexibly between tables, graphs, and equations.   (

I can determine the measurement of angles formed by intersecting lines.   (

I can prove the sum of the interior angles of any type of polygon.   (,


Coordinate Plane Project


Unit 8:  Similarity   

I can use algebraic rules to describe and produce translations and reflections of figures on a coordinate grid.   (

I can determine if two figures are similar.   (

I can find missing measures in similar figures using scale factors and/or length and area ratios.   (

I can use the properties of similarity to solve problems involving scale drawings.   (


Transformations Project


Current Assignments Due:


PDF Connect the Dots Project - Make Up Assignment   --  Complete this assignment if you didn't missed the project or need to improve your score.
PDF Connect the Dots Project   --  Complete each step in the project (1-7) and turn in by Friday, May 10th.
PDF Homework 5: Compound events and Tree Diagrams   --  Complete the tree diagrams to help you solve the probability questions. Due Thursday, May 16th
PDF Homework 4: Skittles Probability   --  Use the Skittles experiments to answer questions about Theoretical and Experimental probability. Due May 9th
PDF Homework 3: Fortune Teller Probability   --  Make a Fortune Teller using directions 1-4. Answer the probability questions after. Due Thursday, April 3rd
PDF Homework 2: Probability Experiments   --  Complete homework and bring to class on time (Thursday, April 18th) to get your guess for the candy jars!
PDF Homework 1: Probability Scales   --  Complete homework and bring to class on time to get your guess for the candy jars!
PDF Extra Credit: Equations and Inequalities   --  Extra Credit can be applied to missing homework or classwork.
PDF Extra Credit: Function Tables and Graphing Coordinates   --  Extra Credit can be applied to missing homework or classwork.
PDF Extra Credit: Finding Missing Angles   --  Extra Credit can be applied to missing homework or classwork.