6th Grade Math - MYP Math Year 1
Math Masters of the Week - February 14th
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6th Grade Math Teacher 

MYP Math Year 1

Mr. Nathan Kennedy







Welcome to 6th Grade Math - Quarter 3

Start Unit 4:  More Rational Numbers


  1. I can use estimation and know if my answer makes sense.   (
  2. I can use and justify procedures for multiplication and division of decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers.   (,
  3. I can solve real-world mathematical problems with combinations of decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers.   (
  4. I can create equivalent expressions using order of operations, the associative, commutative, and distributive properties with positive rational numbers.  ( 
  5. I can determine the equivalence among fractions, decimals and percents.   (
  6. I can compare fractions, decimals and percents using equality and inequality symbols.   (,
  7. I can use percents in my daily life.  (

Unit 5:  Ratios and Proportions

The Game of Real Life

Unit 6:  Probability

Weekly Assignments all about Probability!

Links to Weekly Assignments and Extra Credit Extended Practice


PDF Pi Week Assignment   --  Complete by Monday, March 16th
PDF Weekly Assignment 5: Working With Percent   --  Extended time - complete by Friday, March 13th
PDF Extended Learning: Percent (Extra Credit)   --  Continue practicing converting percent to fraction and decimal.
PDF Unit 4 Quiz Retake   --  Complete quiz retake at home or during independent work time. Due by Friday, February 21st.
PDF Extra Credit: Online Practice   --  Complete at least 60 minutes on prodigygame.com, WootMath.com, or ALEKs.com.
PDF Weekly Assignment 4: Multiplying Decimals   --  Students will start the assignment in class Tuesday, practicing different ways to multiply decimals. Complete by Friday, February 14th.
PDF Weekly Assignment #3: Add and Subtract Decimals   --  Students practice converting fractions to decimals and solving adding and subtracting decimal problems. Complete by Friday, February 7th.
PDF Weekly Assignment 2: Multiply and Divide Fractions   --  Students should complete assignment by Friday, January 31st. Last page of assignment has extra credit opportunities.
PDF Weekly Assignment 1: Online Practice   --  Students should practice online using prodigygame.com, WootMath.com, and ALEKs.com for at least 1 hour this week.