Larissa Kokernot

Meet Ms. Kokernot (you can also call her Ms. Larissa):


Hello! My name is Larissa Kokernot, and I am very excited to be joining the Olson community this year as a Math Corps tutor, working with students to build confidence and joy around math skills and problem-solving. I have a passion for math that began when I was in grade school and used to spend hours playing with Lego and Rubrics Cube and folding Origami. While this may not sound like math to you, it is! And one of my favorite things is to instill a passion for math in others by showing them how math is in everything we do, and how it can be fun even when it’s challenging.


I have a background in theatre and have been working as a professional actor, and more recently as a director since I was ten years old. I bring a lot of my skills from the theatre into math – like thinking creatively about a problem and being able to see it from multiple perspectives.


I grew up in Minneapolis but just moved back home from California this summer with my husband and two sons (ages 14 and 11). This will be the first year my sons will experience the seasons, having grown up in Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, I was very involved at Citizens of the World Charter School, Hollywood, where my kids went to elementary school. For four years, I ran an after-school Math Club for 4th and 5th graders, and I also ran a middle school Math Club for two years. In addition, I’ve been tutoring math both inside and outside of school to students K-12, most recently as a volunteer at Memorial Library, across the street from LA High School.


I have been working over the last five years to develop my skills in math by taking online classes and attending math conferences, but I find that I learn the most by working with kids on math and trying to reach that “Ah ha!” moment with each and every one of them.


North Minneapolis High School

BA in Theatre Arts & Communications, Brown University

MFA in Theatre Directing, University of California, San Diego