Flexible Learning Days

Minneapolis Public Schools will utilize Flexible Learning Days for Middle School students in the event of a 2nd School Closing/Snow Day and more during the school year. On these Flexible Learning Days, students will be able to continue to learn without reporting to the school building. Classroom teachers will provide students in 5th through 8th grade with a “Cold Choice Card”.

Paper copies will be available and distributed prior to a possible cold weather/snow day. Copies will also be posted on this website.  Students are expected to complete one item per column of the “Cold Choice Card”. Students can contact their teachers via email with any questions. Teachers will check their emails throughout the day, from 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Students can turn in their work to their teachers either electronically or in person the next day. Due to the utilization of Flexible Learning days there will be NO additional school days added to the school calendar at the end of the year if we do have school closings due to cold or snow. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I find my teacher's email address?

Teacher email addresses can be found in several places.  First, you can find information about each of your teachers on the Olson Staff pages on this website.  https://olson.mpls.k12.mn.us/olson_staff_2   Secondly, email addresses for all staff members can be found on the MPS staff directory page which can be found here.

Is technology required for flexible learning days?

No, technology is not required to complete the assignments.  Many of the options on the choice board do not require technology.

Will teachers be available on flexible learning days?

Teachers will be available by email on flexible learning days.  Please see the links above for your teacher's email address.