Dress Code

The Olson Middle School at Olson Community expects everyone to present themselves in a manner that will be respectful and appropriate for school. While we encourage students to express their identity and their individuality, clothing worn in school should not be distracting, offensive, or discriminatory.  Student who does not follow the dress code may be requested to change their clothing and/or there may be disciplinary action taken. 


1.Clothing that is inappropriate at school includes, but is not limited to Strapless, halter, spaghetti straps, low cut, and midriff tops; visible undergarments, such as underwear, boxers/briefs, and bras; muscle shirts.


2.Shorts must be 10 inches long from the start of the belt loops/waistline.


3.Torn or cuts in the jeans must be 10 inches from the belt loops/waistline.


4.Clothing and or accessories that could be deemed dangerous, offensive, or imply gang affiliation in schools such as chains, studded belts, and clothing that displays inappropriate or offensive subject matter – guns, violence, sex, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, or other inappropriate subjects is prohibited.


5.Students will not receive credit or participate in Physical Education, with flip flops, house shoes, and shoes that slip on without a back strap.


6.Pants/Shorts must be worn where there are no undergarments exposed, including GYM shorts.


7.All large backpacks, purses, and any other large bags must be kept in a locker. Small purses, backpacks and Fannie packs are allowed smaller than 6.5 x 4.5 inches. Scholars can have bags up to 12 x 12 inches if the bags are clear.


8.Hats/Caps are permitted during recess, lunch, and physical education.


9.Blankets are not allowed at school. 


10.No Pajamas or Robes 


The religious beliefs and practices of students are protected under the guidelines of the Student Dress Standards.  Wearing of religious garb is acceptable.


**The Administration reserves the right to adjust the dress regulations as circumstances arise**

We appreciate that your student is appropriately dressed and ready to learn.