Word Parts Vocabulary Intervention
Word parts vocabulary intervention focuses on teaching students how word roots, prefixes, and suffixes contribute to word meanings. 

Some lessons that apply for all students listed below.

* Reading research on vocabulary intervention, including both speech-language literature and general and special education literature.

* Observing middle school content classes and noticing the high frequency of critical academic words with Latin or Greek roots, suffixes and prefixes.

   Many of these words are related and their comprehension can be enhanced by studying word parts.

* Reviewing content area texts and curriculum materials for the middle grades and observing the high frequency of words with Latin and Greek parts.











The above information was first cited by Sharon Penner, SLP and Stephen Ullom, SLP Minneapolis Public School, Minnesota. The information has been edited for Olson Middle School by Marjorie Southward, SLP, Minneapolis Public Schools, Minnesota 2012.