Welcome to 6th Grade Math
Math Masters of the Week - October 12th
These students did a great job on their Unit 1 Quizzes and are working hard in Math class!



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6th Grade Math Teacher  

Mr. Nathan Kennedy






Welcome to 6th Grade Math - Quarter 1!


Unit 1:  Numbers and Operations

Find factors and divisors

Find products and quotients

Find unique factors for numbers

Use factor trees to demonstrate prime factorization for a number

Simplify prime factors using exponents

Find greatest common factors (GCF) and least common multiples (LCM) using multiple methods

Use GCF and LCM to help calculate fractions and their equivalents


October 9th - October 31st

Unit 2: Rational Numbers (Fractions)

Finding Equivalent Fractions

Reducing fractions using GCF

Adding and Subtracting fractions using LCM

Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Comparing and ordering fractions


Current Assignments Due: