Middle School Social Studies Resources
Social Studies is a difficult subject for middle school students with language challenges. Supporting students in language classes with lessons focused on learning and

using academic reading comprehesion strategies can help enhance the educational experience. Also, apply the lessons listed under Middle School Language Intervention Strategies.

Language support materials related to social studies units or chapters taught in grades 6 through 8. This not an entire list but some suggestions. The materials include:

1. Vocabulary lists and definitions

2. Vocabulary sentence worksheets

3. Summary passages that include vocabulary words

4. Cloze versions of the passages for use with students

5. Suggestions for teaching word parts and word relations related to vocabulary in the units or chapters (e.g. teaching the meanings of the prefixes 'anti-' and 'pro-', as well as associated words, during 8th grade study of the Vietnam War helps my students understand content critical for this unit).

The above information was first cited by Sharon Penner, SLP and Stephen Ullom, SLP Minneapolis Public School, Minnesota. The information has been edited for Olson Middle School by Marjorie Southward, SLP, Minneapolis Public Schools, Minnesota 2012.
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