Class Details:
Homework Cartoon
"I'm no fan of technology, have you noticed how difficult it is to eat homework these days?"


  • Science homework is given out every Wednesday during class and is due on Friday.  
  • If your student needs help completing the homework, I am avaible every day at lunch, before advisory class, and over email. 
  • Homework extensions will be given for students who are absent on Wednesday (the homework will then by due the following Monday).

Unit Topics:

Each quarter the sixth grade scientists will be studying a different aspect of science.

  • Quarter One: Science, Engineering, & Technology
  • Quarter Two: Energy, Machines, & Motion
  • Quarter Three: Light & Sound
  • Quarter Four: Introduction to 7th grade life science (Cells, living organisms, and the characteristics of life).

How you can support your student's development as a scientist:

Successful scientists are also successful readers, mathematicians, artists, and writers.  In addition to encouraging your student to complete their weekly science homework assignments, you can also support their developement by encourgaing them to practice their math, reading, writing, and artistic skills.  Below are some suggestions:

  • Have your student read a book of their choice at home.
  • Have them practice writing a summary of what they learned in science class that day at school.
  • Have them practice finding examples of science in their daily life.  (If we learned about energy in school that day, how does your student use energy at home?)
  • Have them find examples of science in the news.
  • If your student has access to technology, have them practice their science skills using the weblinks on the side bar to the right.