The ASD program at Olson, is academically driven and focuses on preparing students for university and/or lifelong learning.  However, in our program we also concentrate on enhancing the social/emotional needs of our students.  Therefore, a strong component of our instruction, relates to improving social skills.

Olson Middle School has a diverse population that promotes inclusion for all students.  ALL of the students in the ASD program function throughout the school and work with the regular classroom peers as much as possible.


Hi, my name is Kate Teeter.  I have been a teacher with Minneapolis Public Schools for the past 10 years.  I have enjoyed working in the Citywide Autism Program at Olson Middle School.  In my heart, I truly believe as an educator, we need to teach each child most effectively by looking at the whole child.   My goal is to help support my students’ with their academic achievement, communication, and social/emotional development so they become successful. When I’m at home, some of the hobbies I enjoy are being with my kids, biking and reading. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful successful year!

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